Hardanger Vidda Glacier Expedition

4th January 2017

John Zeffertt is taking on a fantastic challenge this year in support of 3 charities, Help for Heroes, Bliss, and The AHOY Centre

John will be part of an 8-man team that will traverse the Hardanger Vidda glacier by cross country ski by day, and sleeping in tents or the original hunters’ huts used by the saboteurs. 

The distance to cover is over 120km spread across 7/8 days. The terrain is challenging and arduous and the team are traversing the glacier in the depths of winter (when temperatures are known to plummet to minus 30oC).

The Challenge is re-enact the Heroes of Telemark sabotage of the Norsk Heavy Water Plant in Vermork, Norway, which happened in February 1943. A team of SOE-trained Norwegian commandos succeeded in destroying the production facility with a second attempt, named Operation Gunnerside. Gunnerside was later evaluated by SOE as the most successful act of sabotage in all of World War II. 

John Says:

" This is a personal challenge in the company of far more qualified team members than me and to prepare I spent a week in February 2016 learning to cross country ski in Lillehammer and acclimatise to the conditions.

To get much more out of this I got thinking and decided it is too good an opportunity to miss and I aim to raise a substantial amount for a group of very worthy causes.

The reason I have chosen to support The Ahoy is because how I have seen so much of the great work you do at first hand through the fundraising efforts of Rachel, my wife, Eunice and the rest of their motley crew that form team Emmeline.

I’ve also chatted to quite a few of the youngsters as well as staff/volunteers when a small group of us visited from Lendlease with a cheque for £10,000 from the Lendlease Guv’nors Club a few months ago. I think the place is really inspiring and I love the fact that the Purple Cutter girls had Emmeline made for them by the boatbuilders onsite.

All donations will be greatly appreciated by me and will no doubt be greatly received by the charities. And I will keep you posted on whether we again manage to destroy the heavy water plant (how could we fail?) "

An amazing challenge to be part of John, and we look forward to hearing your updates along the way! 

You can support John by visiting his Justgiving page here.