Ahoy Centre case study – Eva

One of the Ahoy beneficiaries now aged ten came to the UK with her mum some 15 years ago and they have since coped with little support from family or friends. The daughter Eva (not her real name) was always shy, had problems with making friends, not very confident, would never put her hand up at school, gave up very easily on tasks and didn’t believe in her abilities.

Her lack of self-belief and confidence was often a hurdle to participating in activities, both in school and socially. ‘’I was sad that everyone was playing but I was too scared to join. I had one best friend since nursery.’’

Since Eva started the project at Ahoy the instructor says that they observed huge improvement in her confidence and relationships with peers and tutors. She has made a lot of friends, is the go-to person in their group, is always kind and very helpful when friends need her. Eva started taking charge to steer a power boat on the River Thames and give instructions to the crew, taking responsibility for the first time for the actions of others. Instructors have commented that she has thrived on the opportunity and her personality has blossomed. Her school has likewise noticed a difference in her behaviours and confidence and she now has the confidence to stand up in class and present her work to peers and teachers.