The Digital Holdings

Welcome to The Digital Holdings, a premier studio for film, music and photography in South London. We provide professional services and state-of-the-art equipment to make your project a success.

Welcome to The Digital Holdings

Enter the recording room.

Top-tier Equipment,
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Creative Spaces

World-class creative spaces.

We capture the essence of soul through quality analog & proven technique.

Sessions & Services

Wide Range Of Creative Spaces

Come and visit our world class creative spaces where magic happens!


Our state-of-the-art recording studios provide a comfortable and professional environment for clients. STUDIO A for elite artists and STUDIO B for music production, both equipped with industry-standard equipment and ample space. Perfect for solo artists, bands, and record producers to create professional-sounding music.



Film and photography

Our FILM STUDIO offers professional setting, infinity curves and colourful backdrops, and expert support for music videos, short films, and visual projects. Ideal for film makers, directors, and photographers. We also have a DRESSING ROOM which compliments bookings in the FILM STUDIO.


Our PODCAST ROOM is designed for quality sound. Ideal for podcast enthusiasts, voiceover artists and podcasters who want to get their voice out there.



Bringing Your Vision to Life: The Digital Holdings